About Us

Calabasas Saddlery opened in Calabasas, California in 1968. Vern Benfer purchased the store in 1973, figuring that it would be cheaper to own the store than to continue to buy horse equipment for his three daughters. The store has stayed in the family ever since, and is owned today by his daughter Julie. The Saddlery quickly established itself as one of the premier equestrian supply stores in the Los Angeles area, offering a wide variety of goods to a continuously growing equestrian community. The Saddlery became a destination not only for legendary riders and trainers, but also for Hollywood celebrities. As one of the oldest continuously operating retail businesses in the city, the Saddlery played an important role in the development of Calabasas, and the brightly lit red sign became a landmark for many people traveling up and down the 101.

Today, the empty fields around the store have been replaced by office parks and housing developments, but the original commitment to providing everything for the horse and rider remains. Our friendly staff is composed of experienced horse people whose knowledge and experience combine to offer you the best customer service in the business