Marys Botanicals Shampoo Soap Curry Comb 8oz

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Simple, fun and effective one step way to soap up and scrub your horse clean! Solidified shampoo soap on a curry comb! Made with horse friendly detergent free and soothing oatmeal soap, moisturizing castor oil and fly repelling, skin healthy essential oils. Cleans, moisturizes and helps protect your horses skin with gentle ingredients that effetively work and smell good! Naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial. May be used on pigs, goats, and dogs!

To use, simply hose your horse with water, scrub all over, rinse off! No bucket required. One hand, slip free, easy application. Excellent for spot cleaning, too! Comes with a light weight mesh bag for storage. Store in cool area to prevent melting!

Ing: Detergent Free Oatmeal Soap; Castor Oil; Essential Oil Blend (same as the Fly Spray); Fresh Rosemary

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