Sore No-More Classic Poultice - 5lb

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Sore No-More Classic Poultice combines the original, time-tested herbal formula with bentonite clay for a soothing poultice that’s easy to apply and remove.

Daily exercise, no matter how strenuous, takes a toll on your horse’s hooves and legs. Inflammation and swelling can open the door for injury and chronic pain. Infections, abscesses and hoof conditions keep your horse from feeling and performing at their best. You want to eliminate the pain and swelling to make your horse comfortable again. You need a powerful poultice that’s soothing and gentle enough to use everyday.
Sore No-More Classic Poultice combines high-grade bentonite clay with a potent dose of their original, time-tested formula of arnica, lobelia, rosemary, witch hazel and calming lavender. The silky smooth texture comes from the same healing bentonite clay used in face masks for people. The naturally soothing ingredients draw out heat, fluid and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the area. It’s just as gentle on your hands as your horse’s skin.
Use the poultice on its own or under wraps, paper or plastic. 
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