Veredus Pro Jump XPRO Ankle Boot

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Article number: P-61598
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Color: Black 

Size: Large

Functional fetlock boot that helps improve hind end performance with added pastern coverage.

• Semi Rigid-PU- Anatomic dual density shell provides the highest level of protection while allowing for freedom of movement and providing maximum support and ultimate comfort.
• Softflex Bi-TECH Synthetic- Highly durable synthetic material that is waterproof, tear, rip and puncture resistant.
• Lycra Lined Neoprene: Comfort padding with shock absorption. AquaShell-Provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture.
• Replaceable Velcro Straps- Tested and guaranteed for 5000 hooking/unhooking cycles.
• EZCare- Easily hand washable in cold water.

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