EquiFit D-Teq Pro2 Front Boot

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EquiFit's most popular boot, now redesigned with two StretchTeq straps. Anatomically Molded Impact Protection. Relieves pressure points & protects with a virtually unbreakable outer shell that absorbs shock & vibration

  • StretchTeq Straps: Two 1.25" wide StretchTeq elastic straps with tab closures for a customized fit
  • Easy Care: Liners are removable & machine washable
  • Comes with Removable ImpacTeq Liners. Replacement & specialty liners available
  • Replacement Liners Available:
    • ImpacTeq liners- conform to the leg for support & protect from concussion & impact
    • SheepsWool ImpacTeq liners- increase wicking, hypoallergenic, fight odor & are perfect for horses with sensitive legs
  • Specialty Liners Available:
    • Peel Away liners- perforated, removable sections alleviate pressure & are great for horses with hard to fit issues, uniquely shaped legs or existing growths
    • Extended Hind liners- designed for fetlock & pastern protection
    • Knock Knee liners- designed for horses with front knee interference
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