Veredus STS Kevlar Gel Vento Open Front Boots

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The Kevlar Gel Vento is a tendon boot which includes a Kevlar protective layer. This synthetic material is lightweight, impact resistant, hard wearing and is five times stronger than steel. The horse’s limb is also protected by a Nitrexgel shock absorber film, positioned at the back of the boot.

  • Semi Rigid-PU- Anatomic dual density shell provides the highest level of protection while allowing for freedom of movement and providing maximum support and ultimate comfort
  • Nitrexgel- Shock absorbing gel reduces the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%.
  • AEROX-Vented neoprene lining provides the highest level of ventilation with shock absorption.
  • 3D Ducted Mesh- Channels heat away.
  • AquaShell- Provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture.
  • Quick-Release Tip- Allow extremely fast yet secure hooking and unhooking with one hand.
  • EZCare- Easily hand washable in cold water.

    SAVE THE SHEEP, the new line in Techno Soft Sheepskin™! The lining is a synthetic fleece made without any animal derivatives.

  • Made in Italy.
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