Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser

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Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser for Horses helps make a sensitive job easier.

Nobody likes talking about smegma - and your horse isn't thrilled about the subject, either - but, talk about it we must. This unpleasant buildup of gunk can make your horse uncomfortable and cause serious complications if not dealt with regularly. Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser helps you deal with it quickly, gently, and effectively.

  • Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark, Cherry Bark
  • 32oz bottle
  • Pleasant aroma

Equiderma contains Neem, Arnica, Chamomile and other natural cleansing ingredients that reduce inflammation and help you win the smegma battle and remove the bean. Versatile cleanser works for mare udders and sensitive genital areas of all horses. Helpful sheath cleaning instructions are included on the label. Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser for Horses comes in a 32oz bottle with easy pour cap.

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