Equiderma Skin Lotion - 16oz

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Add Equiderma Skin Lotion to your "favorite must have’s" and you’ll have a new champion by your side. With power, predictably and gentle grace it will quickly conquer the skin problems that have turned your love affair with your horse into a nightmare. Rain rot, scratches, mane and tail rubbing, insects feasting, ring worm, face, ear, cannon bone crud, the dreaded mallenders/sallenders, midline scabbing and weird mystery patches will become a distant memory.

Simply apply and let Equiderma Skin Lotion do its job. It is fast acting, non-messy, easy to apply, will never sting or burn and is scented with lavender essential oil. Your horse’s aromatherapy favorite. Use at the onset of winter to inhibit winter rain rot and before spring to stop skin disease from starting. No shampooing necessary.

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