Red Barn Arena Ergonomic Bridle

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The Arena is anatomically designed to avoid and alleviate pressure on your horse’s most sensitive areas, such as their poll, mouth, and ears. These design features have shown horses to generally be more comfortable and many undesirable habits to be alleviated, such as head shaking, teeth grinding and general resistance.

The Arena’s key features include:

  • an ergonomically-designed noseband, it’s shape adapted to fit the horse’s anatomy, alleviating pressure on the main facial nerve;
  • a softly padded, extra wide crownpiece shaped to evenly distribute poll pressure and to allow room for the horse’s ears.
  • The Arena is complete with a curved, padded round-raised leather browband and ½” cheek pieces.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware w/ hook-stud ends
  • Handcrafted with Sedwick's English Leather

This bridle is available in Black and Brown and is sold without reins.

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