Succeed Digestive Conditioning Paste - 30 Day

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Succeed offers complete digestive support for the horses in your care – naturally. It provides a unique blend of nutrients that are necessary for the health of the entire equine digestive tract despite the challenges inherent in modern care, feeding and competition. Succeed includes support for both digestive anatomy (intestinal villi, enterocytes, intestinal mucosa) and function (healthy bacterial balance, digestion, feed transit through the digestive tract, etc.). Succeed oral paste is available in individual serving sized oral syringes. Oral paste is ideal for getting a horse started on the program, for use at shows or on the track, or for those who want to ensure their horse gets every drop. And it’s great for horses off their feed. Just feed one tube each day. Easy. Succeed oral paste is available in cartons of 30 syringes. That’s a one month supply for one horse.
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