Thinline Shoe Insoles

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Ever wondered why your horse loves his ThinLine so much? Want to test a ThinLine product before purchasing a saddle pad? Treat yourself to some ThinLine comfort with our ThinLine Shoe Insoles. Made of our great ThinLine material but at a fraction of the thickness, making it easy to imagine how much better the saddle pads are for your horse! Shock Absorbing & anti-microbial. ThinLine ventilates but does not absorb water. Wearing with socks recommended. Runners: place the insole beneath the factory insert of your running shoes for marathons. These insoles are "Wafer thickness"-they will not alter the fit of your shoe. Measuring 1/8″, this thickness is much less than our saddle pads but you will be able to see what such a thin piece of this exclusive foam can do. Sizing: – Small insole fits up to Women’s size 7 and up to Men’s size 6. – Medium insole fits Women’s size 7.5 to 10 and men’s size 6.5 to 9. – Large insole fits Women’s size 10.5 and up and Men’s size 9.5 and up. Trim to fit with scissors
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