Acavallo Gel Polo Wraps

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These Acavallo bandages are composed of a first part in fleece followed by the gel and to finish again fleece. Created to offer excellent support to the joints and to protect the legs of horses from micro-traumas caused by intense work or the worsening of old wounds. The adhesive effect of the gel prevents the bands from slipping and is perfectly joined to the fleece so as not to create thicker parts.
These gel bands are particularly suitable for maintaining the temperature provided, in fact it is possible to keep them in the freezer before work and then use them to cool tendons and ligaments.
Recommended for use on both front and rear legs and can be used in all jumping, dressage, etc. disciplines.
Sold in packs of two polo wraps.

The Acavallo Classic Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively on the skin, characteristics that allow to be used directly in contact with it.

Make sure that the horses leg is clean of debris before wrapping. Place the end of the polo wrap in the middle of the cannon bone on the inside of the horses leg. Wrap in a counterclockwise direction on the left legs and a clockwise direction on the right legs.
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