Zephyr's Garden Leave It Be Spray - 16oz

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Potent topical equine herbal spray to soothe and cool temporary equine skin irritations. Ideal to treat bug bites and skin itches. Calm, ease and support healthy skin the natural way for smooth skin and a normal, healthy coat, mane and tail. Suggested minimum trial period is 3 applications. Brimming with 10 powerful herbs, botanicals and moisturizing oils to topically calm and soothe the skin, and may help ease discomfort caused by temporary skin irritations. Tea Tree Essential Oil and Thyme help maintain normal skin micro flora and calm irritated skin to support healthy, strong hair growth and normal skin hydration. Dries clear and will not leave a residue. For a healthy, shiny coat, mane and tail and a happy horse, use between shampoos to help moisturize and support relief for uncomfortable, rubbed-out bald spots, insect bites and scruffy tails, the natural way. Made in USA.
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