Trust Eq French Link Hackamore Combi with Long Shank

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Trust Equestrian French link Hackabit with a long shank can be a great option for horses that are sensitive to a lot of pressure in the mouth. The addition of the Hackamore-like noseband puts additional pressure on the bridge of the nose. The resulting total pressure is distributed over several points on the horse's head and does not only exert punctual pressure in the mouth. Nevertheless, the effect on the bridge of the nose, mouth, tongue and neck should not be underestimated, which is why its use requires an experienced and sensitive rider's hand.

The double jointed eliptical removes pressure hitting the roof of the mouth and instead puts pressure on the tongue. To make the bit more acceptable to the horse, it has a Sweet Iron alloy. This reacts with moisture and forms a sweet-tasting surface rust for horses. Made from sweet iron which oxidizes easily, encourages salivation, helps bit acceptance as it is warm and sweet. Please note the blue will fade with use.

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