Equestrisafe Multi Purpose Reflective ID Collar

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The Equine Multi-purpose Identification Collar means just what the name implies; multiple uses; from Horse Identification during emergencies, evacuations as well as hunting, camping, traveling or transporting, international shipping. This Hi-Visibility collar can also be used for riding in the evenings or those moonlight rides. This collar is so versatile that you won’t be needed much of anything else for identification purposes and visibility.

Made with Nylon webbing – 2″ wide, 4″ plastic sleeve with insert and secure closure and a 1″ bright orange 3M highly reflective fabric material sewn to the collar for added protection and visibility up to about a quarter of a mile. With approximately 100 lb breakaway, 380 degree melting point and double closure hook and loop we always have safety in mind.

The pocket insert is just the right size to handle your business card, use a sharpie pen or label maker to provide your personal information to those who might locate your horse if lost.

Available in 3 sizes:
Small: 27″ – mini, pony, small Arabians or other small breeds
Standard: 33″ – Most all Standard Breeds
XL/Draft: 42: – Most Large breeds, draft, draft X

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