No Thrush Dry Formula - 2.5oz

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No Thrush is the first-ever dry thrush treatment. It quickly and painlessly treats thrush, absorbs moisture, and promotes rapid regrowth. Once a horse has thrush, he is susceptible for life. The thrush bacteria will continue to return and be a problem. Because of this fact, we are excited that No Thrush also works as a prevention tool. Don't wait for thrush to return - because it will. Once you have attacked the active thrush, simply do a weekly pro-active maintenance dusting.

Apply No Thrush aggressively into the grooves of the hoof. Use the edge of your hoof pick to get it inside the grooves and heel cracks. You cannot overuse No Thrush. It cannot burn or harm tissue. When treating stubborn cases, be patient. Don't stop at five days because you assume the product hasn't worked. It's working. Keep dusting. 

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