EZ Mist 10oz Spray Bottle

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EZ Mist, a refillable bottle/sprayer combo that provides an aerosol-type mist without any chemical propellants. EZ Mist provides a 10 oz refillable bottle with a patented design head that allows the user to spray almost any liquid in a fine, aerosol type mist pattern. A single pull of the trigger activates a continuous spray that lasts approximately 1 s while releasing approximately 1.25 mL of liquid. It is ideal for glass cleaner, sanitizer, or any product you wish to dispense with an aerosol-type mist. Available in
white or black. Environmentally friendly, propellant-free aerosol-like mist. Fine droplet size mist with 99% bottle evacuation. 360 deg Sprayer works at any angle, even completely upside down. One pull of the trigger mists for one second releasing 1.25 mL of liquid. Bayonet thread finish.

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