Trust Eq Baby Leather Pelham

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The bit has one jaw piece but can be ridden with one or two reins. If you choose to ride with one rein, a converter is needed. The pelham is a lever-action mouthpiece. The longer the shank, the sharper the effect. The baby pelham has short shanks and therefore has a milder effect than the normal pelham. A pelham bit is mainly used for strong horses, horses with too little space in the mouth for two mouthpieces, or horses that have to get used to a bar and snaffle. This bit is not suitable for inexperienced riders.  

The leather bits are a remarkable appearance in the TRUST collection. The core of the leather bit is made of reinforced nylon. The leather that is stitched by hand around the core is naturally tanned without chemicals. Salivation makes the leather bit softer and therefore more pleasant for the horse. The flexible effect in combination with the taste of the leather makes the bit extremely suitable for horses with sensitive mouths. Regularly lubricate a leather bit with olive oil to keep the bit supple. The stitching of the leather bit should point forward when it is in the horse's mouth.

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