Ice Horse Hoof Boot - Single

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The Hoof Boot by Ice Horse (formerly called the Big Black Boot) is the simple solution for cooling hot hooves on your horse or pony. Reusable Cold Capsule inserts wrap around the hoof and coronet band to provide uniform coverage and relief for over two hours per application.

  • Silicone rubber sole provides comfort, traction and support, while elasticized straps keep the boot properly configured around the horse’s foot.
  • Non-slip rubber sole features ability to use with your choice of pad or wedge.
  • Cold Capsule™ inserts mold to the horses hoofs for maximum coverage and stay cold for over 2 hours.
  • Cold Capsule™ inserts are reusable. When you are done, simply place your packs back in the freezer. Within hours they are ready to use again.
  • Specially placed Velcro® closures allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy—no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo.
Boot Size Shoe Size Sole Width Sole Length*
Small 00-1 up to 5.5 in/ 14 cm up to 6.5 in/ 17 cm
Medium 2-3 up to 6.25 in/ 16 cm up to 6.75 in/ 17.5 cm
Large 4-5 up to 6.75 in/ 17.25 cm up to 7.5 in/ 19.5 cm
*Measure from heel to toe; do not include bulb.
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