Four Oaks Natural Release Spray - 8oz

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Four Oaks' Natural Release – Now for Humans Too! Get Straight to the Ache! Now find out what horse people have been raving about for years! Aids in pain for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Knees, Hands, and Hips.
All Natural Spray and/or Gel. Use on any Stressed or strained area to promote muscle, joint, and tendon health.  Works in Minutes! 

Natural Release is a fast-acting muscle spray that aids in reducing muscle and joint stress, discomfort, and inflammation. It can be used before or after physical exercise or as needed to help soothe fatigued, strained or bruised muscles and joints. It does not contain menthol or other heat-inducing ingredients.

Natural Release supports muscle and joint care for better physical well-being. Great for Strains, Sprains, and general soft tissue wellness.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Magnesium (chloride) hydrate 55% vol, slow-steeped arnica, slow-steeped eucalyptus. Potassium salt (sorbate) and sodium benzoate added as natural preservatives 

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