Crushcup Pill Splitter

Article number: P-45537
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Provides the convenience of cutting and crushing tablets. TO CUT: Place a tablet in the triangular shaped area of the cutter and push down on the top cup to split the tablet. TO CRUSH: Place a tablet between the cups and grind by grasping the cups and rotating the top and bottom cups in opposite directions. After medication is crushed the top cup can be removed and the desired amount of liquid added. Once the liquid is added the top cup can be reattached by turning it upside down and snapping it onto the bottom cup. Cups can now be used as a shaker to liquefy medication. The grated design allows for uniform grinding of tablets eliminating lumps of unground medication. Outside Dimensions: 2″W (51mm) across top and 1″W (25mm) across the bottom x 1-3/4″H (44mm)
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