Majyk Equipe Fly-Bye Boots

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Say 'Bye' to biting insects! These lightweight and breathable fly boots are made from a durable outer mesh with UV coating. The boots are designed to stay in place with a unique design that combines stiff binding and an ergonomic shape, tapered to fit your horse's legs. The bottom of the boots are finished with a soft binding that makes for a comfortable experience for your horse. Easy to quickly put on and off with full velcro strip. Available in three colors. Available in Cob (small), Horse (medium) or Warmblood (large) Sizes.   

  • Matching Fly Masks Available.
  • Sold in a 4 Pack
  • Cob/Small  Length = 13in Top circumference =17in Bottom circumference - 13in
  • Horse/Medium  Length = 14in Top circumference =18in Bottom circumference - 14in
  • Warmblood/Large  Length = 15in Top circumference =19in Bottom circumference - 15in
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