Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief - 4.5lb

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Is your horse struggling with painful equine ulcers or digestive discomfort? Daily Gold Stress Relief buffers acid, soothing stomach upset. Natural bentonite clay also improves nutrient absorption and helps alleviate ulcers and other common issues in horses, like diarrhea, lack of appetite, and stress.

Deliver Key Minerals: This completely natural montmorillonite clay contains 60+ minerals and 3% sodium chloride—the building blocks of life

Provide Stress Relief: When given an hour to 45 minutes prior to an event or road trip, Daily Gold will coat the stomach and allow horses to focus and relax..

Aid in Digestive Health: Unique molecules attract and bind toxins that cause stomach trouble while Daily Gold’s high pH helps take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores.

Resolve Gas Colic: Daily Gold is an excellent natural equine supplement for digestion that is also free from preservatives that can have a major impact on your horse’s overall health

Provides Ulcer Relief: Daily Gold buffers stomach acid and allows ulcers to heal. Immediate relief soothes the horses, and often, horses resumes a normal eating schedule.

Detoxify: As a toxin binder, Daily Gold is 95% efficient at binding aflatoxin and T-2 toxins and carrying them out of your horse’s system.

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