Kensington Textilene Miniature Fly Sheet

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Your Mini will get all the protection needed in this Textilene fly sheet. This sheet will keep harmful UV rays, insect bites, dirt and grime off the coat while out to pasture. With double locking Hook and Loop closure at the chest, a full belly wrap with double locking Hook and Loop closures, and removable elastic leg straps this sheet will stay in place and keep your mini looking its best all year around. Also during winter you can use this sheet over your Kensington Blanket for added protection, by keeping the snow directly off the waterproof blanket.

Patented protection featuring a US made 1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene mesh, a double locking hook and loop front closure, lined chest, padded withers for mane protection, detachable elastic leg straps with snaps and D-rings, and most importantly, a belly wrap with double locking closures.

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