Foxden Equine Quiessence - 3.5lb

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Quiessence provides high levels of Magnesium and Chromium in a pelleted form. Quiessence is a supplement formulated to support animals who are cresty-necked and have the tendency to founder, by supporting normal glucose metabolism. It may also support calm, balanced behavior in equines. 

Equine diets are often low in Magnesium. Especially for equines in work, who are kept in stables, and are fed feeds that are processed with preservatives. Active show lives can also lead to an increased need for Magnesium.

Supplementing added Magnesium and Chromium to horses and ponies that are cresty-necked, insulin resistant, and founder prone may help reduce the tendency to founder. Magnesium promotes peripheral circulation and assists the body with normal clearance of glucose in founder prone animals. While Chromium has been shown to improve glucose clearance by supporting insulin sensitivity. Together these two minerals support glucose uptake by the cell and a normal metabolic rate. 

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