PointTwo Adults' ProAir Vest

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** Please Note: This vest is designed for adults, and to deploy properly the rider must weigh a minimum of 70lbs.

The ProAir is a lightweight and durable choice for Eventing, Polo, Schooling, and Trail riding. Because of it’s light weight and incredible durability, the ProAir is their most popular air vest. Once you put it on you’ll forget you are wearing it, until you come off. Then you will remember exactly why you are wearing it.

The ProAir comes with a pleated neck for optimal inflation time and protection from neck and collarbone injury. The adjustable straps ensure proper and comfortable fit and the extended shirt tail protects lower back, kidneys and coccyx.

The ProAir is not designed for use with a Western saddle. Western saddle riders should use the Hunter Air Jacket or SoftShell Air Jacket.

CAUTION: Safety equipment must fit properly and be appropriately secured with manufacture approved parts only. Altering or adding to safety equipment voids warranty and can result in injury. As a safety precaution, inspect all products prior to each use.

***Please note that only bayonet canisters can be used on new vest purchases. Screw in canisters will only work for older vests that are manufactured before 2012.

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