Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps

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** Please note: Back on Track products require an initial introductory period before leaving products on for longer durations.

Royal Quick Wraps are a favorite among horse owners. The wraps are form-fitting and have durable outer covers with a soft and thick inner pad. The four hook and loop fasteners ensure a perfect fit and ensure that the pads stay securely in place. The outer cover is removable for easy washing.The inner pad features our well-known Welltex technology, which can help stimulate blood circulation through long-wave infrared energy. The effect can help relieve discomfort allowing muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments to relax. Royal Quick Wraps can be used for both injury prevention and recovery. The wraps can be left on overnight (after the initial introductory period), after exercise and when trailering.

The Quick Wraps fit both the front and hind legs; Measure as hind legs often take a size larger than front. Measure just below knee or hock to pastern 

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