Reducine Absorbent

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Reducine Absorbent from Farnam is a long-time favorite hoof care product for owners, trainers, vets, and grooms. This product is the same one used for horse hoof health by many horsemen. A blend of 52% pine tar and oils, Reducine for horses' hooves has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties for overall hoof care and health.

  • Liniment, counter-irritant
  • 52% Pine Tar and oils
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
  • 16oz can

To use Reducine for hoof growth, brush it thinly at the coronet band so it will stimulate blood flow, which will help to increase the rate of hoof growth. Reducine hoof treatment can be applied to the frog and sole to treat thrush and acts as a sealant in very wet or dry conditions. 

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