The Farrier's Wife Belly Salve

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The Farrier's Wife Belly Salve is an effective, proven treatment against fly bite dermatitis (also known as summer itch and sweet itch). It contains a unique blend of nine carefully selected, pure essential oils to soothe irritated skin and relieve the itching, while effectively repelling flies and other insects. It is safe to use on open sores, and encourages natural healing and rapid hair regrowth. If your horse is simply rubbing their mane or tail, but hasn't yet caused any bald patches, Farrier's Wife Belly Salve can be applied as a preventative to sores and hair loss. Easy to apply, pleasant-smelling and cooling to the skin, the product should be applied liberally to affected area once or twice a day for 5-7 days. -Repels flies, no-seems,ticks, mosquitoes, etc. -Anti-itch formula soothes and cools -Rapid healing for open sores and wounds -Promotes hair growth from wounds and dermatitis -All natural, non-medicated, clear formula -Can replace other wound salves and fly repellent creams -Use on ears, face, muzzle, girth, tail and legs -Recommended by veterinarians

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